Lower Your Truck Insurance Rates


You can’t operate a trucking company without insurance coverage. But these insurance rates are about to take us right on up out of here. This life is the “here” I’m talking about because I swear the rates are causing heart attacks.


Owner operators have no idea that the way they’re setting their businesses up can be a major part of the reason their rates are so high.


In this class we covered:

✅ Factors that raise your insurance rates

✅ How to ethically decrease insurance rates

✅ The truth about searching for and securing insurance



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Operating Authority Profits

Operating Authority Profits

How to leverage your credit and operating authority so you don’t have to own a truck or even book loads!


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Secure The Bag

Secure The Bag

Using other people's money to start, grow, and scale your business


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Shoestring Startup Strategy

Shoestring Startup Strategy

How to start your trucking company with $0 of your own money!


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Truck Buying Guide

Truck Buying Guide

Get the help you need to get on your way to purchasing your first truck. This training bundle includes a Truck Buying Inspection Guide; Truck Test Drive Demo; Truck Buying Checklist; & FAQ Video Recording.


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