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  • Government Certifications 101 - Video Vault - In a sea of Certifications you need to understand the importance of applying for ALL that you qualify for
  • Intro to Certification to Cashification - 3 Secrets that make Minority Certification a go-to for any business
  • 3 Reasons Certifications Are Vital - Top 3 reasons we even care about getting Minority Certified
  • Minority Certification Glossary - Terms you need to know and understand as you start your certification journey
  • Products & Services of MBE Firms - A look into the different types of businesses certified and the products and services they offer
  • Searching Your States’ MBE Website - The most important resource you should learn to navigate that can help you TODAY before you even get certified.






Do I have to buy this bundle in order to get certified? is not affiliated with the MBE/DBE Programs. You are not required to purchase this bundle in order to apply to become Minority Certified. You can contact your local Minority/Diversity offices for more information.


Are there hidden fees?

No. All of these products are yours AND you get instant access. I’m a businesswoman so you will see me make other offers but they are not required in order to access this bundle.

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Yes, Add How To Use Your Minority Certification

Get access to Part 2 of my Certification to CASH-ification course that shows you how getting certified can oppen your business up to:

  • Expanding your business into new areas
  • Creating Additional Income Streams
  • Techniques I used to increase my income by 406%

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